In 1997 former threetimes world champion Sir Jackie Stewart had established himself as a  constructor in his own rights by the backing of his  long time engine partner, the Ford Motor Company.  At the Nuerburgring in 1999 Stewart Grand Prix had celebrated their one and only Formula One victory,  with Johnny Herbert in the cockpit, in the short history of the Scottish team based in English Milton Keynes. At that time the transformation of the company  into Jaguar Racing already had been a real decision made by  Ford, who had  bought the team completely in the middle of the year. Things looked be very promising, but in the five years of it´s existance from 2000 to 2004 permanent quarrells both on the personal and the technological sector determined the situation at the team in the fine British Racing Green and the big cat on the engine covers of the cars. With a lot of personell rotations bringing not the results Ford wanted to have in comparison to the other carmakers meanwhile involved in Grand Prix Racing. So the Americans decided to sell their complete motorsport operation in Europe  consisting of Jaguar Racing, Cosworth and PI Research to private investors. Austrian soft drink company Red Bull, since 1995 title sponsor and later major shareholder of Swiss PP Sauber AG, decided to buy Jaguar Racing to rename the scheduled Jaguar R5 into Red Bull Cosworth  RB1. The now dark blue cars were driven by David Coulthard, from 1996 to 2004 at McLaren Mercedes, and the novices Christian Klien and Vitantanio Liuzzi sharing the second cockpit in 2005. With all three drivers scoring points that season Red Bull finished 7th in the constrctors´ table. Best results were the two fourth positions of David Coulthard  in Australia and Europe.  Alongside the surprising  successes,   with Red Bull Racing´s  entering  of the scene as constructors a new, fresh style of communicating  had come to the Formula One paddocks  in the world. The photos shown here were taken at the 2005 Essen Motor Show.

Klaus Ewald


David Coulthard


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