Mother´s Day in Montmelo: Superior Kimi Raikkonen, desaster for Ferrari and a tough
punishment for BAR Honda

After many hours of trial BAR Honda had been confronted with a very tough punishment after the 2005 San Marino Grand Prix after the F.I.A. had gone onto the appeal on the Imola stewards´decision. Button´s and Sato´s cars were withdrawn from the classement, their points were taken away and British American Racing had been banned both for Barcelona and Monaco 2005. There is also a six months´  ban on a one year`s probation. For the possibility of another offence committed during the 2005 season BAR Honda will be excluded from the worldchampionship, a penalty, that had been asked by the F.I.A. this time. But the judges had not seen fraud with intent, but culpable negligence - a real Salomon, also satisfying lawyer and F.I.A. president Max Mosley. Nick Fry, BAR´s new team principal had got angry, he had threatened to go to a court of law, but then he decided to stop the whole precedure to make his crew leave Barcelona. Also Toyota had retired their appeal against Ralf Schumacher´s 25 seconds time penalty of Imola. Meanwhile Anthony Davidson and Enrique Bernoldi had driven Honda´s 2.4 litre V8 engine in a BAR prototype chassis at Italian Mugello.

After being on top of the grid in Imola before, this time Kimi Raikkonen was able to transfer his pole position into a superior victory from the start to the finish presenting himself to be involved in the battle for the 2005 title. His team mate, former tennis ace Juan Pablo Montoya, should have been able to enter the podium as well, but the Colombian, who was sitting in the Silver Arrow after leaving out Manama and Imola, had a spin and difficulties with his refuelling equipment. So Montoya (big crash on Friday) had had to make an extra pit stop, he had been lapped one time by Raikkonen, but he was able to score two points for position seven. The Silver Arrows crossed the finish line close behind for a perfect photo. McLaren Mercedes, coming to the for the first time sold out Montmelo with new undertray, revised front suspension and a modified engine, is back in the race for the worldchampionship. New Mercedes boss Dr Eckhard Cordes had come to the track for the first time.

At the start both the Minardi Cosworths of Christijan Albers and Patrick Friesacher had to stop after a little moving with wheelspin and smoke to make the safety car come out to clear the start and finish straight. Both the PS05s were brought into the pits and re-entered the race with two laps behind. While Pedro de la Rosa was commentating for the Spanish television Kimi Raikkonen was running away with the race in the style of Clark, Stewart and Senna. Worldchampionship leading Fernando Alonso was clever enough to fetch eight sure points for second place, his team mate Giancarlo Fisichella did the fastest lap of the race and finished 5th overall to support Renault´s leading position on the constructors´table.

Ferrari, in Imola able to challenge Renault, faced a complete desaster on Mother´s Day. Barrichello had to change his engine to start from the back of the grid. Michael Schumacher, from eighth grid position meanwhile on place three, had sustained a puncture rear left to come in for an extra pit stop to change the wheel. Further two laps raced, also the left front tyre of the German collapsed to make him retire in the pits. Also Barrichello was not able to collect points when finishing only ninth place. Another excellent performance was shown by Toyota on third and fourth overall positions. For the first time Ralf Schumacher had been quicker in qualifying than his team mate Jarno Trulli. At Williams BMW both the drivers had to change their engines caused by a valve problem. On Friday BMW had to build two new engines with another valve configuration at their Munich facilities. Webber, on Sunday surprisingly second on the grid, had not driven on that day to avoid a penalty, Heidfeld was put back 20 places. Under these circumstances the three points of the Australian were a good result, but with BMW´s flirtation with the Swiss Sauber team a lot of homework is to be done both at Grove and Munich.

Some days before the 2005 Spanish Grand Prix former Formula One driver John Love had died of cancer in Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia.

Jutta Schmitt


Starting Grid

1 K Raikkonen 2:31.421

2 M Webber 2:31.668

3 F Alonso 2:31.691

4 R Schumacher 2:31.917

5 J Trulli 2:31.995

6 G Fisichella 2:32.830

7 JP Montoya 2:33.472

8 M Schumacher 2:33.551

9 D Coulthard 2:34.168

10 F Massa 2:34.224

11 V Liuzzi 2:35.302

12 J Villeneuve 2:36.480

13 N Karthikeyan 2:39.268

14 C Albers 2:41.141

15 P Friesacher 2:42.759

16 R Barrichello penalty

17 N Heidfeld penalty

18 T Monteiro penalty


Grand Premio Marlboro d`Espana, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona-Montmelo, 66 Laps à 4.627 km = 305.382 km, Weather: Air 4°C, Track 41°C, Humidity 49%

1 K Raikkonen 1:27:16.830

2 F Alonso +27.652

3 J Trulli +45.947

4 R Schumacher +46.716

5 G Fisichella +57.936

6 M Webber +1:08.542

7 JP Montoya +1 lap

8 D Coulthard +1

9 R Barrichello +1

10 N Heidfeld +1

11 F Massa *

12 T Monteiro +3 Laps

13 N Karthikeyan +3

* retired but classified



J Villeneuve, Lap 51: Engine

M Schumacher: 46: Puncture

C Albers, 19: Gearbox

P Friesacher, 11: Spin

V Liuzzi, 9: Spin, Traction Control


Fastest Lap

G Fisichella 1:15.641 (Lap 66)


Worldchampionship Standings *

* corrected after F.I.A. Court of Appeal´s decision on the case of BAR Honda



1 F Alonso 44

2 J Trulli 26

3 K Raikkonen 17

4 G Fisichella 14

5 R Schumacher 14

6 M Webber 12

7 M Schumacher 10

8 JP Montoya 10

9 D Coulthard 10

10 N Heidfeld 9

11 R Barrichello 8

12 A Wurz 6

13 J Villeneuve 5

14 P de la Rosa 4

15 C Klien 3

16 F Massa 2

17 V Liuzzi 1



1 Renault 58

2 Toyota 40

3 McLaren Mercedes 37

4 Williams BMW 21

5 Ferrari 18

6 Red Bull Cosworth 14

7 Sauber Petronas 7










Photos © West McLaren Mercedes, Ferrari Press Office, Renault Press Office, TMG and Red Bull Racing, Graphics by project * 2000


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