Montoya triumphs despite defect tyre, Ferrari sustains defeat on home ground

Wisdom and Juan Pablo Montoya had not belonged together so far. But in Monza 2005 the Colombian, being a father for some month, showed amazing technical and tactical understanding bringing his McLaren Mercedes, leading the race from pole position, home in spite of a tyre defect to come four laps before the chequered flag falling. His team mate Kimi Raikkonen, now remaining the only driver to challenge Renault`s Fernando Alonso for the 2005 worldchampionship title, had got all the bad luck a racing driver can suffer from: For the third time in 2005 a defect engine before the race on Sunday to be sent back ten positions back on the grid. The fastest lap in qualifying had meant 11th starting place instead of pole position, McLaren decided to put the Finn on one-stop-strategy to limit the damage both in the race and the championship as good as possible. In fact the Iceman was able to come onto second position behind Montoya until mid-race, but in lap 29 the protector of the left back tyre had been damaged so seriously to make the Silver Arrow come into the pits for a wheel change. Raikkonen dropped back 12th position immidiately starting fighting back. Battling with Jarno Trulli`s Toyota and being one second faster than Giancarlo Fisichella on third place, Raikkonen had spun nine laps before the end, but he was able to escape the gravel trap. With all the conditions against him Raikkonen finished fourth and did the fastest lap of the race in lap 51. The reliable Renaults of Alonso and Fisichella on second and third especially brought the Spaniard from Oviedo pretty close to the 2005 title. With Montoya in troubles Alonso was able to catch one second per lap to the leader, but Alonso very clever refused to take any risk: Better eight points sure than ten points never. With some positive aspects in favour of him, Alonso will be able to receive the crown already at the end of the European Grand Prix season during the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps. "Alonso is the most perfect racing driver of the young generation. He is the hero of the year," says Niki Lauda, who had scored his first title in Monza exactly 30 years ago in a Ferrari 312T.

Being very light in qualifying for the psychological benefit of pretty good grid postions, the Ferraris of Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello proved not being competitive enough for scoring points in their home race. They had had to come into the pits very early for re-fuelling, then they were struggeling in the middle of the field. As Raikkonen before, Barrichello had to change the damaged left rear tyre in lap 42. The Brazilian was lapped once on 12th position overall, but the most bitter fact was, that Michael Schumacher definitely has lost his title in the Royal Park of Monza after scoring it five times in a row before. The six times non-stop constructors´world champions from Maranello are in deep crisis. On Friday Schumacher had crashed into the safety barriers of the Parabolica, some metres behind the place, where Jochen Rindt had died 35 years ago in his Lotus Ford 72 caused by a broken brake shaft. Rindt`s best friend Sir Jackie Stewart, meanwhile being a sponsor representative for the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), celebrated the 40th anniversary of his first Grand Prix win (in 1965 in a B.R.M.) in Monza, his wife Helen, recovered from cancer, was together with him at the track for a long time.

Williams F1, for 2006 powered by Cosworth engines, had not renewed the contract of their chief designer Gavin Fisher, who will be replaced by Germany`s Joerg Zander (coming from BAR Honda). The FW27s´punctures of Istanbul, two ones each at Webber and Heidfeld, had been caused by the tyres touching an edge of the undertray. The week before the Italian Grand Prix Nick Heidfeld had crashed into the barriers at 220 km/h during testing at Monza and on Friday suddenly the headache had returned. Professor Sid Watkins, himself a neuro surgeon, advised the Rhinelander to stop competing and so Williams test driver (who already had replaced Ralf Schumacher on a comparable occasion in 2004) Antonio Pizzonia took over Heidfeld´s cockpit on Saturday. In the race the Jungle Boy scored two fine points. In Milano team principals, carmakers and controversial F.I.A. president Max Mosley had had a constructive meeting concerning the regulatiions from 2008 on, a compromise seems to be in sight. With the help of micro processor company AMD, also sponsoring Ferrari, the F.I.A. will solve the overtaking problem by finding new aerodynamic rules using the worldwide most effective computer currently available. America`s Scott Speed has signed a Red Bull contract for being the Austrian British team´s third driver in 2006. With only one model available Tiago Monteiro received the Jordan Toyota EJ15 B for driving by throwing up a coin with his team mate Narain Karthikeyan. Ferrari has renewed their sponsor contracts with Marlboro and Shell until 2010. "Michael Schumacher is our future," comments Dr Luca di Montezemolo the rumours on the seventimes world champion and also Piero Lardi Ferrari, son of legendary company founder Enzo Ferrari, was in the pit.

Sad news had come from France, where Michele Dubosc, the first ever professional time keeper in Grand Prix Racing for Matra Sports and girl-friend of racing driver and journalist Josè Rosinski, had died after a long illness. A week before Monza 2005 former Grand Prix and CART driver Alessandro Zanardi from Bologna had won the WTCC round at East German Oschersleben, the first ever handicapped person winning a worldchampionship motor race. The charismatic Italian was the special guest of BMW motorsport boss Dr Mario Theissen. No car had retired in Monza, with the exception of the controversial 2005 United States Grand Prix, it was only the second time in history, that all competitors taking part had seen the chequered flag. In Zandvoort 1961 all 15 cars had finished, the Dutch Grand Prix had been the first victory of Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips, as Schumacher a great German at Ferrari. Trips, a man of extraordinary courage, lost the 1961 worldchampionship only by a single point, when getting killed in the Italian Grand Prix the same year after a collision with young Jim Clark, 14 spectators died with him. Place of the accident was the Parabolica curve.


Starting Grid

1 JP Montoya 1:21.054

2 F Alonso 1:21.319

3 J Button 1:21.369

4 T Sato 1:21.477

5 J Trulli 1:21.640

6 M Schumacher 1:21.721

7 R Barrichello 1:21.962

8 G Fisichella 1:21.068

9 R Schumacher 1:22.266

10 D Coulthard 1:22.304

11 K Raikkonen* 1:20.878

12 J Villeneuve 1:22.356

13 C Klien 1:22.532

14 M Webber 1:22.560

15 F Massa 1:23.060

16 A Pizzonia 1:23.291

17 T Monteiro 1:24.666

18 R Doornbos 1:24.904

19 N Karthikeyan 1:25.859

20 C Albers 1:26.964

* change of engine


Gran Premio Vodafone d`Italia 2005, Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, 53 Laps à 5.793 km = 306.720 km, Weather: Air 29°C, Track 47°C, Humidity 45%

1 JP Montoya 1:14:28.659

2 F Alonso +2.400

3 G Fisichella +17.900

4 K Raikkonen +22.700

5 J Trulli +33.700

6 R Schumacher +43.900

7 A Pizzonia +44.600

8 J Button +1:03.600

9 F Massa +1:15.400

10 M Schumacher +1:36.00

11 J Villeneuve +1 Lap

12 R Barrichello +1

13 C Klien +1

14 M Webber +1

15 D Coulthard +1

16 T Sato +1

17 T Monteiro +2 Laps

18 R Doornbos +2

19 C Albers +2

20 N Karthikeyan +3


Fastest Lap

K Raikkonen 1:21.504 (Lap 51)


Worldchampionship Standings


1 F Alonso 103

2 K Raikkonen 76

3 M Schumacher 55

4 JP Montoya 50

5 J Trulli 43

6 G Fisichella 41

7 R Schumacher 35

8 R Barrichello 31

9 N Heidfeld 28

10 J Button 24

11 D Coulthard 21

12 M Webber 24

13 F Massa 8

14 T Monteiro 6

15 A Wurz 6

16 J Villeneuve 6

17 N Karthikeyan 5

18 C Klien 5

19 C Albers 4

20 P de la Rosa 4

21 P Friesacher 3

22 A Pizzonia 2

23 T Sato 1

24 V Liuzzi 1



1 Renault 144

2 McLaren Mercedes 136

3 Ferrari 86

4 Toyota 78

5 Williams BMW 54

6 Red Bull Cosworth 27

7 BAR Honda 25

8 Sauber Petronas 14

9 Jordan Toyota 11

10 Minardi Cosworth 7









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