Easy win for Raikkonen at the inaugural Turkish Grand Prix

It was a pretty easy race to win - Kimi Raikkonen“s statement after the first ever Turkish Grand Prix in history was short and clear as the Iceman“s public image is damanding. But the victory on the Asian side of the famous Turkish metropolitan of Istanbul only brought the Finn two points nearer to worldchampionship leader Fernando Alonso, who brought his Renault home second position. Three laps before the chequered flag coming out the Silver Arrows looked being very near to a one-two finish. But when lapping Tiago Monteiro in the Jordan Toyota, Juan Pablo Montoya was hit by the Portuguese. Montoya spun into the asphalt run out area, his diffusor had been damaged and the Colombian also sustained a brake tyre spot. For this reason Montoya spun a second time, Alonso made use of the opportunity to conquer second place without fighting for it it. The McLaren Mercedeses are the fastest cars in the last third of the 2005 worldchampionship and if reliable, even Renault cannot beat them. Montoya had been able to come some twenty seconds near to Raikkonen inspite of a failed first pit stop: The fuel hose still had been in the filler, when the man with the lollipop made Montoya leave the pit. At the start the Renaults had been as quick as ever, they made pole sitter Raikkonen get trapped between them to make Giancarlo Fisichella take the lead. But very soon the young Roman made a little mistake to be overtaken by Raikkonen, who now had everything perfectly under control.

Absolute defeat came both to Ferrari and Williams BMW. Michael Schumacher had spun during his qualifying lap, then the German changed his engine to be sent back of the grid according to the regulations. Maranello knew, that they had done the wrong tyre choice already in the run-up to the Turkish Grand Prix with no correction possible at the location. In lap 14 Schumacher, ahead of already lapped Mark Webber, collided with the Australian, who had tried to overtake him inside. While Webber entered the pits for a new nose, Schumacher came in for a tyre change. One lap after that, Schumacher made another halt: The steering had been damaged by the accident. The Ferrari stood in the garage for some twenty laps to re-enter the race for a damage limitation for Monza (Schumacher) to retire definitely in lap 33. The same time Pope Benedict celebrated a service attended by a crowd of more than one million pilgrims at Schumacher“s home town of Kerpen for the World Youth Day. Rubens Barrichello, whose 2006 switch to BAR Honda with a long years contract had been confirmed some days before the Turkish Grand Prix, never had been able to fight for points in Istanbul. The Williams BMWs of Webber and Heidfeld had suffered under mysterious punctures of the the right back tyres making them retire. In lap two Fernando Alonso, on third place behind Raikkonen and Fisichella, had been radiowed by his team: You are faster than Fisichella, overtake him - the diplomatic version of the so strictly forbidden team order.

Enrico Toccacelo is Minardi`s new third driver for Friday`s free practice sessions. Williams has definitely separated from BMW with using Cosworth V8s in 2006. Felipe Massa, who first had cut off his front wing on the kerbs of the first corner then to retire with a blown engine in Istanbul, is Michael Schumacher`s new team mate at the Scuderia Ferrari for 2006 starting testing again for Maranello before the Italian Grand Prix. For this reason the Brazilian is excluded from further Michelin tyre testing (Ferrari is using Bridgestone rubber). Michael Schumacher`s faithful adjutant for nearly a decade, physiotherapist Balbir Singh, an Indian from German Neuwied near Cologne, has left Grand Prix Racing for opening a practice of his own in Koblenz near the Nuerburgring. Controversial heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson was the most prominent star guest invited by Renault. In the paddock the doctors had to treat some 170 cases of gastric influenza.

Absolutely right Turkey is a proud nation with a remarkable positive development especially since the beginning of the 21st century. It is the 26th country hosting a worldchampionship Grand Prix, their circuit, as Sepang, Manama, Shanghai (and Spielberg before ) designed by German star architect Hermann Tilke in close connection with the local engineers, is the 65th Grand Prix race track to be used since 1950. As Imola and Interlagos the Istanbul circuit, as Brands Hatch up and down and full of challenging corners, turns left. While track, pit and paddock presented in perfect shape both for the pleasure of drivers and spectators, the infrastructure around the facility still has to be improved to avoid the long traffic jams. The first Turkish driver in Grand Prix Racing is only a question of time. A great nation is moving to Europe more and more and that is really good.


Starting Grid

1 K Raikkonen 1:26.797

2 G Fisichella 1:27.039

3 F Alonso 1:27.050

4 JP Montoya 1:27.352

5 J Trulli 1:27.501

6 N Heidfeld 1:27.929

7 M WEbber 1:27.944

8 F Massa 1.28.419

9 R Schumacher 1:28.594

10 C Klien 1:28.963

11 R Barrichello 1:29.369

12 D Coulthard 1:29.764

13 J Button 1:30.063

14 T Sato 1:30.175 *

15 T Monteiro 1:30.710

16 C Albers 1:32.186

17 M Schumacher no time

18 J Villeneuve no time

19 R Doornbos no time

20 N Karthikeyan no time

* penalty: back of the grid for
blocking Webber during qualifying



2005 Turkish Grand Prix, Istanbul Speed Park, Istanbul, 58 Laps ą 5.378 km = 309.720 km, Weather: Air 30°C, Track 45°C, Humidity 44%

1 K Raikkonen 1:24:34.454

2 F Alonso +18.609

3 JP Montoya +19.635

4 G Fisichella +37.973

5 J Button +39.304

6 J Trulli +55.420

7 D Coulthard +1:09.296

8 C Klien 1:11.622

9 T Sato +1 Lap

10 R Barrichello +1

11 J Villeneuve +1

12 R Schumacher +1

13 R Doornbos +3 Laps

14 N Karthikeyan +3

15 T Monteiro +3



C Albers, Lap 48: given up

M Schumacher, 33: Collision Damage

N Heidfeld, 29: Puncture

F Massa, 28: Engine

M Webber, 20: Puncture


Fastest Lap

JP Montoya, 1:24.770 (Lap 39)


Worldchampionship Standings


1 F Alonso 95

2 K Raikkonen 71

3 M SChumacher 55

4 JP Montoya 40

5 J Trulli 39

6 G Fisichella 35

7 R Schumacher 32

8 R Barrichello 31

9 N Heidfeld 28

10 M Webber 24

11 J Button 23

12 D Coulthard 21

13 F Massa 8

14 T Monteiro 6

15 A Wurz 6

16 J Villeneuve 6

17 N Karthikeyan 5

18 C Klien 5

19 C Albers 4

20 Pe de la Rosa 4

21 P Friesacher 3

22 T Sato 1

23 V Liuzzi 1



1 Renault 130

2 McLaren Mercedes 121

3 Ferrari 86

4 Toyota 71

5 Williams BMW 52

6 Red Bull cosworth 27

7 BAR Honda 24

8 Sauber Petronas 14

9 Jordan Toyota 11

10 Minardi Cosworth 7








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