Ten points for Kimi Raikkonen, disaster for Renault in the heat of the Hungarian puszta

At the Hungaroring Michael Schumachr had managed to score his 64th career pole position - one less than the world record of immortal Ayrton Senna. Then the German seventimes world champion was able to be in the battle for victory up to the middle of the race with the Silver Arrows drivers Raikkonen und Montoya. But the Finn was able to stay out one lap longer at his second stint, that was the key for victory. Then Montoya in the lead suddenly had become dramatically slower to retire caused by a broken drive shaft. Reliability still is a problem at McLaren. On his way to the grid the Colombian had driven of some part of technical equipment, the MP4/20 had had to be repaired only a few minutes before the start.

Renault, leading both the drivers`and the constructors“worldchampionship, sustained a heavy defeat in Budapest with no points available for both their drivers. Shortly after the start Fernando Alonso had to go heavily over the kerbs on the right side of turn one before being touched by the right back wheel of Ralf Schumacher`s Toyota. The German, with final position three for the first time with a podium finish for the Cologne based Japnese team, had not noticed the collision. Alonso had cut off his front wing to come into the pits immidiately never being able to fight for points during the whole race. Also his team mate had not been able to fill the French points account: Only ninth place overall. Alonso`s wing had been hit by David Coulthard in the Red Bull Cosworth, the blue car from Milton Keynes stranded spectacularly in a run out area with a collapsed right front suspension. Only a few seconds before that accident DC“s team mate Christian Klien had been rammed by Jacques Villeneuve in the Sauber Petronas in the first corner of the opening lap. The young Austrian turned over once to stand still on the wheels of his cars leaving the cockpit unhurt. "There is no space for three cars going side by side in the first corner," said Klien.

Toyota`s Jarno Trulli was happy to finish fourth position with a defect diffusor. Also shortly after the start he had been rammed by Rubens Barrichello, as Alonso the Ferrari had to come into the pits for a new nose. Michael Schumacher`s second place is a sign of hope for Maranello for the rest of the season, especially for Monza at the beginning of September. Catching ten points from Alonso`s lead in the worldchampionship gives Kimi Raikkonen a lot of extra motivation to keep the title race open until the final round in China.

Former Lotus, Benetton and Jaguar driver Johnny Herbert is new director at Jordan Grand Prix. The Silverstone based team, now owned by Russian-Canadian Alexander Shnaider`s Midland Group, have renewed their engine contract with Toyota for 2006. There are rumours, that Rubens Barrichello is on the move to BAR Honda (who had brought both their cars home in the point rankings at Budapest) to replace Jenson Button. In 2004 the Briton had wanted to switch to Williams, but he had to stay with British American Racing for legal reasons. For 2006 he had definitely signed up with Grove, but this time he wants to stay, where he is now - a lot of confusion probably causing new legal problems. Rumours say, Williams will be supplied with Cosworth engines in 2006 after their separation from BMW. At the Hungaroring Minardi Cosworth had introduced the first Israeli Formula One driver ever, but already 42 years old Chanoch Nissany was more than ten seconds slower than the other test drivers at the two Friday`s free practice sessions. In Stuttgart, the home of Mercedes-Benz, Juergen Schrempp surprisingly had resigned as the president of German-American carmaker DaimlerChrysler in the week before the Hungarian Grand Prix. On Friday youngest Grand Prix winner ever (in 2003 the same place) Fernando Alonso had celebrated his 24th birthday with a big cake in the Renault pit, the Sapaniard had been given a steering wheel as a gift, on the caricature also presented to him was written: HAPPY BIRTHDAY FERNI. Meanwhile the F.I.A. has decided tyres with brake spots are allowed to be changed for safety reasons without the driver receiving a penalty - what an affront to Kimi Raikkonen after the Nuerburgring.

At tragedy happened at McLaren Mercedes. Darren Hawker, member of McLaren`s Absolute Taste restaurant company, had fallen off the eighth floor of a Budapest hotel under mysterious circumstances to be killed immidiately. At the victory ceremony the McLaren mechanics showed a poster into the television cameras: THIS ONE IS FOR YOU, DARREN. Winner Kimi Raikkonen did not take part in the champagne shower on the podium. After over eight successful years McLaren Mercedes had stopped their partnership with cigarette brand West after Friday`s free practice sessions, big good bye party followed on Sunday after the race also attended by double world champion (1998 & 1999) Mika Hakkinen. Tobacco sponsoring, that had begun in Grand Prix Racing with South African TEAM GUNSTON shortly followed by GOLD LEAF TEAM LOTUS back in 1968, is no longer allowed in the countries of the European Union from 1st August 2005 on. West McLaren Mercedes had won their first Grand Prix in the traditional Mercedes livery at Melbourne in 1997 with David Coulthard - silver is always the colour of victory, in the old days before World War II, in the times of the economic miracle and, of course, today.



Starting Grid

1 M Schumacher 1:19.882

2 JP Montoya 1.20.779

3 J Trulli 1:20.839

4 K Raikkonen 1:20.891

5 R Schumacher 1:20.964

6 F Alonso 1:21.141

7 R Barrichello 1:21.158

8 J Button 1:21.302

9 G Fisichella 1.21.333

10 T sato 1:21.787

11 C Klien 1:21.937

12 N Heidfeld 1:22.086

13 D Coulthard 1:22.279

14 F Massa 1:22.565

15 J Villeneuve 1:22.866

16 M Webber 1:23.495

17 C Albers 1:24.443

18 N Karthikeyan 1:25.057

19 R Doornbos 1:25.484

20 T Monteiro no time


2005 Marlboro Magyar Nagydij, Hungaroring, Budapest, 70 Laps ą 4.481 km = 306.670 km, Weather: Air 34°C, Track 46°C, Humidity 43%

1 K Raikkonen 1:37:25.552

2 M Schumacher +35.581

3 R schumacher +36.129

4 J Trulli +54.221

5 J Button +58.832

6 N Heidfeld +1:08.375

7 M Webber +1 Lap

8 T Sato +1

9 G Fisichella +1

10 R Barrichello +1

11 F Alonso +1

12 N Karthikeyan +3 Laps

13 T Monteiro +4

14 F Massa +7



J Villeneuve, Lap 56

JP Montoya, 41: Drive Shaft

R Doornbos, 26

D Coulthard,1: Accident

C Klien, 1: Accident


Fastest Lap

K Raikkonen 1:21.219 (Lap 40)


Worldchampionship Standings


1 F Alonso 87

2 K Raikkonen 61

3 M Schumacher 55

4 J Trulli 36

5 JP Montoya 34

6 R Schumacher 32

7 R Barrichello 31

8 G Fisichella 30

9 N Heidfeld 28

10 M Webber 24

11 J Button 19

12 D Coulthard 19

13 F Massa 8

14 T Monteiro 6

15 A Wurz 6

16 J Villeneuve 6

17 N Karthikeyan 5

18 C Albers 4

19 P de la Rosa 4

20 C Klien 4

21 P Fiesacher 3

22 V Liuzzi 1

23 T Sato 1



1 Renault 117

2 McLaren Mercedes 105

3 Ferrari 86

4 Toyota 68

5 Williams BMW 52

6 Red Bull Cosworth 24

7 BAR Honda 20

8 Sauber Petronas 14

9 Jordan Toyota 11

10 Minardi Cosworth 7










Photos © Ferrari Press Office, Sauber Motorsport, TMG, Minardi F1 and Red Bull Racing


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