Alonso winning and Raikkonen retiring again brings the Spaniard closer to the title

To finish first you first have to finish, McLaren´s Ron Dennis very frustrated was quoting his former co-boss Dr Edward E Mayer, who had been called Teddy everywhere in the sixties and seventies. Leading from pole position until mid-race, Kimi Raikkonen suddenly had become slower to stop his McLaren Mercedes with a blocked rear axle. The Silver Arrow had lost it`s hydraulic pressure, the Finn, extremely sad again, left Hockenheim without giving any further comments to go to his home in Switzerland. Worldchampionship leader Fernando Alonso of Renault inherited position one keeping it until the chequered flag coming out. After a shunt in the last corner of his qualifying lap Juan Pablo Montoya had been fighting through the whole field from the last grid position to limit McLaren`s damage in the worldchampionship by scoring valuable eight points for being second overall. Winning at Hockenheim with another zero for his most challenging rival Raikkonen means a big step forward for Alonso winning the 2005 worldchampionship. Giancarlo Fisichella in the second Renault had been rammed by Takuma Sato´s BAR Honda, then the Roman suffered under massive brake problems bringing him nearly to a retirement. In spite of that fact Fisichella was able to overtake Michael Schumacher in the last but one lap, when the seventimes world champion was suffereing under a fuel supplying problem in the Parabolika. The in Hockenheim ever very popular seventimes world champion had got enormous difficulties with the wear of his Bridgestone tyres dropping down in the field the nearer the end of the race had come. After a good start Ferrari`s number one and battleling with Button and Montoya for second place Schumacher had to conceed, that the fifth place was the best to be made that day. On the Hockenheim grandstands big gaps were seen this time.

With the extensive asphalt areas of Hockenheim inaugurated after the re-construction of the circuit a lot of chaos had taken place by many drivers using the run out zones as a wider part of the track, a thing, that had been watched at DTM touring car racing before. Jacques Villeneuve was involved in collisions with novize Robert Doornbos (instead of Friesacher in the cockpit of a Minardi Cosworth for the first time), Barrichello and Monteiro. Mark Webber had to come into the pits in the opening lap staying there for further nine laps for a long repair. With twelve laps behind the Australian finished, but was not classified. Again Williams BMW failed to score points and that in spite of intensive testing at Jerez in the South of Spain before, Heidfeld, on fifth position in the beginning, came home eleventh place finally.

At Toyota Jarno Trulli received a Drive Through Penalty for ignoring the blue flags finishing only 4th, while Ralf Schumacher scored points on sixth place. Before Hockenheim Red Bull`s David Coulthard had driven twice over the Bosporos bridge at Istanbul from Europe to Asia and back in his RBR Cosworth to make some promotion for the Turkish Grand Prix at the end of August. On Friday before the German Grand Prix the F.I.A. had repealed the verdict of guilty on the Michelin supplied teams not competing in the 2005 United States Grand Prix. More and more it becomes clear, how worse the situation at Ferrari really is. At the beginning of the 2005 only Bridgestone tyres problems had been diagnozed, but seven races before the end of the year it is obvious, that many sources of troubles are hidden in the F2005. Niki Lauda, a lot slimmer and fully recovered from his second kidney transplantion, makes a short statement as ever: The Ferrari really is a crutch.


Starting Grid

1 K Raikkonen 1:14.320

2 J Button 1:14.759

3 F Alonso 1:14.904

4 G Fisichella 1:14.927

5 M Schumacher 1:15.006

6 M Webber 1:15.070

7 N Heidfeld 1:15.403

8 T Sato 1:15.501

9 J Trulli 1:15.532

10 C Klien 1:15.635

11 D Coulthard 1:15.679

12 R Schumacher 1:15.689

13 F Massa 1:16.009

14 J Villeneuve 1:16.012

15 R Barrichello 1:16.230

16 C Albers 1:17.919

17 R Doornboos 1:18313

18 T Monteiro 1:18.599

19 N Karthikeyan no time

20 JP Montoya no time



Grosser Mobil 1 Preis von Deutschland, Hockenheimring Baden Wuerttemberg, Hockenheim, 67 Laps à 4.574 km = 306.458 km, Weather: Air 24°C, Track: 25°C, Humidity: 51%

1 F Alonso 1:26:28.599

2 JP Montoya +22.596

3 J Button +24.422

4 G Fisichella +50.587

5 M Schumacher +51.690

6 R Schumacher +52.242

7 D Coulthard +52.700

8 F Massa +56.570

9 C Klien +1:09.818

10 R Barrichello +1 Lap

11 N Heidfeld +1

12 T Sato +1

13 C Albers +2 laps

14 J Trulli +3

15 J Villeneuve +3

16 N Karthikeyan +3

17 T Monteiro +3

18 R Doornbos +4


Not Classified

M Webber +12 Laps



K Raikkonen, Lap 35: Hydraulics


Fastest Lap

K Raikkonen 1:14.873 (Lap 24)


Worldchampionship Standings


1 F Alonso 87

2 K Raikkonen 51

3 M Schumacher 47

4 JP Montoya 34

5 R Barrichello 31

6 J Trulli 31

7 G Fisichella 30

8 R Schumacher 26

9 N Heidfeld 25

10 M Webber 22

11 D Coulthard 19

12 J Button 15

13 F Massa 8

14 T Monteiro 6

15 A Wurz 6

16 J Villeneuve 6

17 N Karthikeyan 5

18 C Albers 4

19 P de la Rosa 4

20 C Klien 4

21 P Friesacher 3

22 V Liuzzi 1



1 Renault 117

2 Mclaren Mercedes 95

3 Ferrari 78

4 Toyota 57

5 Williams BMW 47

6 Red Bull Cosworth 24

7 BAR Honda 15

8 Sauber Petronas 14

9 Jordan Toyota 11

10 Minardi Cosworth 7












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