Juan Pablo Montoya´s first win for McLaren Mercedes a few days after the terror attacks on London

On Wednesday before the 2005 British Grand Prix London surprisingly had been elected the host of the 2012 Summer Olympics at the IOC meeting at Singapore. The crowds on the Trafalgar Square and all over the country had been extremely happy. Less than twenty-four hours later Al Quaida´s terrorists attacked London Underground and a bus in the morning´s rush hour - over 50 people were killed and over 700 were wounded in Britain´s worst terror attack ever. The public life in the country came to an halt, in the motor homes at the side of the Silverstone Circuit, sold out on race Sunday for weeks, the people were watching the news from the capital at BBC, ITV and CNN television. Some minutes before the bombs exploding nearly simultianiously in the historic city of London Michael Schumacher and his wife Corinna were sitting in a hotel having breakfast before going to Silverstone via helicopter. Strict safety controls were installed at the entrances of Silverstone, also the stars of Grand Prix Racing had to open their bags for being looked in by policemen.

Juan Pablo Montoya, who had scored his maiden Grand Prix victory shortly after September, 11 back in 2001, showed excellent performance from grid position three to beat worldchampionship candidate number one, Renault`s Fernando Alonso, in a close battle until the finish line. At the chequered flag the Silver Arrow and the Renault (in Magny-Cours with the Phoenix bird, but in Silverstone with an orchid design instead of the usual Mild Seven cigarette branding) were separated by less than three seconds. Actually Alonso had the best start, Montoya was able to go at the left side parallel to the Spaniard at the first corner of Copse to the better line for the following Maggots - Becketts - Chapel combination. Montoya also was faster going through the traffic when lapping, but the Colombian, who had to leave out two Grand Prix earlier the season, had not to show consideration for the worldchampionship in contrast to his rival. Poor Kimi Raikkonen once again has sustained a blown engine in practice to receive a ten-places-back penalty. The Finn was visibly frustrated when entering the McLaren motor home on Friday. Then the Iceman attacked again from the middle of the field, drove the fastest lap and limited the damage for his title ambitions by coming home third place.

At the start Takuma Sato had stalled the engine of his BAR Honda, the Japanese dropped back to the end of the grid, when the race was started. Charly Whiting had got doubts the marshals being fast enough to take the car away from the grid before the end of lap one, so he sent the Safety Car out. With the engine being re-started in the pits Sato drove excellent lap times during the race, but was not able to score points being two laps behind caused by the engine problem at the beginning. Sato´s team mate again proved the progress made at BAR Honda after the Imola scandal always driving in the point rankings at Silverstone to finish fifth finally.

Ferrari´s performance at Silverstone was good enough for points, but nothing more. Michael Schumacher expressed it clearly: "Looking at the lap times, I must say, we are not fast enough. During the last weeks our development more or less had gone backward." Rubens Barrichello was the only driver being on a three stop strategy in Silverstone.

Williams BMW is in deep crisis. While Mark Webber drove the new aerodynamic package, Nick Heidfeld was on the old bodywork, but the white and blue cars from Grove near Oxford cannot score points by their own ability at the moment. With only Narain Karthikeyan retiring by a technical failure all other cars finished. The last point for eighth place was caught by Toyota`s Ralf Schumacher. Also no points were available for the Red Bulls of David Coulthard and Christian Klien, the Scot has re-newed his contract with the Austrian team for 2006, then competing with Ferrari engines. While everything is going well at Alonso (with the exception of the crash in Canada) his team mate stalled his engine after his second pit stop. But the Roman supplied his team with valuable points for the constructors`worldchampionship on fourth position overall.

Journalist Bob McKanzie kept his bet with McLaren boss Ron Dennis from 2004 ("McLaren Mercedes will not win a single race that season.") when running one lap around Silverstone wearing a body painting actually and not completely naked. In Vienna Niki Lauda is recovering from his kidney transplantation, while his girl-friend Birgit is back in the air again. Max Mosley cancelled a meeting with the GPDA for reasons not exactly to be explored. Winner Juan Pablo Montoya was accompanied by his wife Conny and baby son Sebastian. Before the race there had been a minute of silence for the victims of the London bomb attacks. On the podium no champagne shower took place the same reason after an exciting race. Shortly after the chequered had fallen in Silverstone a crowd of 200 000 celebrated the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II in front of London`s Buckingham Palace with a parade of the vetarans, a speech of Queen Elizabeth II and beautiful music performed on a big stage - what an extraordinary demonstration for peace. The best answer to terror is the courage for freedom. Sport is it, too.



Starting Grid

1 F Alonso 1:19.905

2 J Button 1:20.207

3 JP Montoya 1:20.382

4 J Trulli 1:20.459

5 R Barrichello 1:20.906

6 G Fisichella 1:21.010

7 T Sato 1:21.114

8 R Schumacher 1:21.191

9 M Schumacher 1:21.275

10 J Villeneuve 1:21.352

11 M Webber 1:21.997

12 K Raikkonen* 1.19.932

13 D Coulthard 1:22.108

14 N Heidfeld 1:22.117

15 C Klien 1:22.207

16 F Massa 1:22.495

17 N Karthikeyan 1:23.583

18 C Albers 1:24.576

19 P Friesacher 1:25.566

20 T Monteiro* no time

* change of engine


2005 Foster´s British Grand Prix, Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, 60 Laps à 5.141 km = 308.355, Weather: Air 29°C, Track 46°C,
Humidity 40%

1 JP Montoya 1:24:29.588

2 F Alonso +2.739

3 K Raikkonen +14.436

4 G Fisichella +17.914

5 J Button +40.264

6 M Schumacher +1:15.322

7 R Barrichello +1:16.567

8 R Schumacher +1:19.212

9 J Trulli +1:20.851

10 F Massa +1 Lap

11 M Webber +1

12 N Heidfeld +1

13 D Coulzhard +1

14 J Villeneuve +1

15 C Klien + 1

16 T Sato +2 Laps

17 T Monteiro +2

18 C Albers +3

19 P Friesacher +4



N Karthikeyan, Lap 10


Fastest Lap

K Raikkonen, 1:20.502 (Lap 60)

Worldchampionship Standings


1 F Alonso 77

2 K Raikkonen 51

3 M Schumacher 43

4 J Trulli 31

5 R Barrichello 31

6 JP Montoya 26

7 G Fisichella 25

8 N Heidfeld 25

9 R Schumacher 23

10 M Webber 22

11 D Coulthard 17

12 J Button 9

13 F Massa 7

14 T Monteiro 6

15 A Wurz 6

16 J Villenuve 6

17 N Karthikeyan 5

18 C albers 4

19 P de la Rosa 4

20 C Klien 4

21 P Friesacher 3

22 V Liuzzi 1



1 Renault 102

2 McLaren Mercedes 87

3 Ferrari 74

4 Toyota 54

5 Williams BMW 47

6 Red Bull Cosworth 22

7 Sauber Pertronas 13

8 Jordan Toyota 11

9 BAR Honda 9

10 Minardi Cosworth 7










Photos © Ferrari Press Office, West McLaren Mercedes, TMG, Sauber Motorsport, British American Racing, Red Bull Racing and Minardi F1


© 2005 researchracing


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