Michael Schumacher wins the Grand Prix du Canada for the seventh time

In qualifying Michael Schumacher had made a little mistake, but that was not enough to explain his sixth position on the grid, his worst in 2004. The truth is, that in the early summer of 2004 Ferrari´s race performance on long stints is much better than on a single qualifying lap. That depends also on the Bridgestone tyres, that´s character is very different from that of the French rival compound of Michelin. In the race Michael Schumacher created - on a two stop strategy as well as his team mate Barrichello and both the Renaults - a victory based on hard work and very much under pressure from the second Maranello car. Ralf Schumacher, who had been very surprised to be on pole position, lead the first 14 laps until his first of overall three pit stops. Already at in the first corner Christian Klien collided with David Coulthard and his team mate Mark Webber. The Australian had to come into the pits with a flat right front tyre (to retire later completely in lap 7). But the expected mass collision did not happen. Jarno Trulli only was able to cross the start line to retire by a broken suspension, the other Renault of Fernando Alonso dropped out by a defect transmission. With BMW scoring a one-two win at the 24 Hours Endurance Race for touring cars at the old Nuerburgring-Nordschleife, Williams had thought to show their best 2004 performance in Canada with Ralf Schumacher second and Juan Pablo Montoya on fifth position. But four hours both the Williams BMW and also the two Toyotas were disqualified from the race. On the brake killing Circuit Gilles Villeneuve the cars had been noticed with larger brake air intakes than allowed by the technical regulations at the final scrutineering. The disqualification was the natural consequence as it once had been at Ayrton Senna in the Camel Lotus Honda at the same time brake murdering Adelaide back in 1987.

By four cars taken out of the classement (three out of the points) with the others following, a happy surprise had been brought to Giancarlo Fisichella (now fourth place for Sauber Petronas), the 2004 so far unlucky Silver Arrow drivers Kimi Raikkonen and David Coulthard and especially to both Jordan Ford guys Timo Glock and Nick Heidfeld. Glock, third driver of the Irish team, had replaced their regular number two driver Giorgio Pantono (personal sponsor problems) and scored two fine points in his maiden Grand Prix, a performance only shown by about a handful drivers since 1950. His team mate Nick Heidfeld was now also in the points after a problem with his fuelman to be pulled to the floor with the front man taking away the lollipop too early while the fuel hose still was in the filler. Kimi Raikkonen had to come into the pits five times in Montreal, he had to change twice his steering wheel and received also a penalty for the offence of crossing the white line at the pit lane exit. Takuma Sato, who had a spin but no contact at the Wall of Champions during his qualifying lap (for this reason only grid position 17), started from the pit lane to avoid the expected mass collision not happening this time. Later the Japanese sustained a blown engine, for the fifth time in a 2004 Grand Prix. Jenson Button in the other BAR Honda was happy about another podium finish after the disqualification of the Williams BMWs and Toyotas. A really big crash happened to Felipe Massa five laps ahead of the chequered flag bumping frontally into a tyre wall. The funny Brazilian escaped his cockpit shocked but unhurt, the Safety Car, ready to go, could remain in the pits. After the first corner collision Austria´s Christian Klien again made further driving mistakes during the race to make his position within the Jaguar team more and more difficult, especially concerning his personal future.

Michael Schumacher now is the first driver in history to win the same Grand Prix for the seventh time. Irishman Eddie Jordan is happy to have got all German Grand prix drivers since 1990 temporarily under his roof. A nearly sold out house already during practice showed clearly, that it was a good idea to keep the Canadian Grand Prix stay in the calendar inspite tobacco advertisement is not allowed on the Isle of Notre Dame any longer. Niki Lauda said: "You Germans will not be so good in soccer as the Schumacher brothers are." The European Soccer Championship had begun in Portugal the same time. The rumours of Jacques Villeneuve returning to Grand Prix Racing will not stop in June 2004. During the Grand Prix the best parties are always held at his Montreal café named Newtown. And that is the English translation of Villeneuve.

Jutta Schmitt




Starting Grid

1 R Schumacher 1:12.275

2 J Button 1:12.341

3 J Trulli 1:13.023

4 JP Montoya 1:13.072

5 F alonso 1:13.308

6 M Schumacher 1:13.355

7 R Barrichello 1:13.562

8 K Raikkonen 1:13.595

9 D Coulthard 1:13.681

10 C Klien 1:14.532

11 G Fisichella 1:14.674

12 C da Matta 1:14.851

13 O Panis 1:14.891

14 M webber 1:15.148

15 N Heidfeld 1:15.321

16 TGlock 1:16.323

17 T Sato 1:17.004

18 F Massa no time

19 Z Baumgartner 1:17.064

20 G Bruni no time



Grand Prix du Canada, Montreal, Isle Notre Dame, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 70 Laps ´s 4.361 km = 305.270 km, Weather: Air 25°C Track 40°C Humidity 36%

1 M Schumacher 1:28.24.803

2 R Barrichello +5.100

3 J Button +20.400

4 G Fisichella +1 Lap

5 K Raikkonen +1

6 D Coulthard +1

7 T Glock +2 Laps

8 N Heidfeld +2

9 C Klien +3

10 Z Baumgartner +4



F Massa, Lap 63: accident

T Sato, 49: Engine

F Alonso, 45: Transmission

G Bruni, 31

M Webber, 7

J Trulli, 1: Suspension


Fastest Lap

R Barrichello 1:13.622 (Lap 68)


Worldchampionship Standings



1 M Schumacher 70

2 R Barrichello 54

3 J Button: 44

4 J Trulli 36

5 F Alonso 25

6 JP Montoya 24

7 R Schumacher 12

8 G Fisichella 10

9 T Sato 8

10 D Coulthard 7

11 F Massa 5

12 K Raikkonen 5

13 C da Matta 3

14 N Heidfeld 3

15 M webber 3

16 T Glock 2

17 O Panis 1



1 Ferrari 124

2 Renault 61

3 BAR Honda 52

4 Williams BMW 36

5 Sauber Petronas 15

6 McLaren Mercedes 12

7 Jordan Ford 5

8 Toyota 4

9 Jaguar 1




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Michael Schumacher crossing the finish line ahead of his brother Ralf


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The Canadian Ferrari fans


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The beauties of the country


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Cristiano da Matta, Ricardo Zonta with their famous fellow countryman Emerson
Fittipaldi, world champion 1972 & 1974, and Frenchman Olivier Panis
(from the left to the right)


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Timo Glock, behind him Jenson Button



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