He had been the first Green in Grand Prix Racing, when introducing wholefoods and muesli in the mid-seventies. "He had saved my life after the 1976 Nuerburgring accident," says Niki Lauda. 42 days after the fire inferno the Austrian had returned to the Grand Prix tracks with a fine fourth place in the 1976 Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Willi Dungl, born in Vienna in 1937, had started his career at the beginning of the sixties in the Bundesheer, the Austrian armed forces as an ambulance man. Dungl also had been a UN blue helmet soldier bringing him to many foreign countries learning a lot from concerning natural medicine. In 1972 he had looked after the Austrian team at the Munich Summer Olympics. He also had been responsible for the health of many Austrian competitors in winter sport. From 1977 on he had gone to Asia to study the medical methods of the Buddhist monks and the Chinese.

In winter 1981/82 Dungl had prepared Niki Lauda systematically for returning to Grand Prix Racing after a break of two years. Lauda won the third race after coming back, the United States Grand Prix West at Long Beach/California. With the support of Dungl Lauda won his third worldchampionship in 1984 in a McLaren TAG Porsche turbo being the fittest and best trained driver of his time. It were McLaren, who were the first to notice, how important sensible eating and physical fitness is for successful Grand Prix driving. So Willi Dungl and later his daughter Andrea, Jo Leberer and others of his students became fitness advisors and physiotherapists of many Grand Prix drivers. Also Ayrton Senna, who had not been very fit in the early stage of his career, had found his way to Northern Austria, where Willi Dungl had founded a bio training centre and a sport hotel meanwhile.

A lot of well-known personalities like Steffi Graf and Boris Becker became patients of Willi Dungl, who had been appointed Professor by Austria´s federal president in 1985. Alessandro Nannini, who had been cut off an arm at a helicpter crash in 1990 and Martin Donnelly surviving a 100 g accident at Spanish Jerez the same year both came to Gars am Kamp in the federal state of Niederoesterreich for getting excellent medical treatment for a quick recovery. Willi Dungl has published his experiences in a lot of articles and also in the internet at . Professor Willi Dungl died on the 1st May 2002 at the age of 64 caused by a cardiac infarction.




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