... became Nelson Piquet from Brazil in 1983 driving a Brabham BMW 1983. With 7 Grand Prix victories he is the most successful driver to the Bavarian car manufacturer. After 7 years with Brabham he left the team for 1986 to enter Williams Grand Prix Engineering, where he became world champion for the third time. Then he again changed his employer and joined Team Lotus for 1988 and 1989. There he had the poorest years of his career without a single win. Success came back his way with Benetton in 1990 and 1991. Then he retired from Grand Prix Racing to confront himself with a new challenge, the Indy 500, the following year. His career was finished when he crashed his Lola very heavily into the wall to sustain very bad leg injuries he is still suffering from until now. Nelson Piquet won the worldchampionship in 1981 (Brabham Ford), 1983 (Brabham BMW) and 1987 (Williams Honda), he competed in 204 Grandes Prix and won 23 of it. Today he is occupied with business and some hobby motor racing.



Nelson Piquet Soutomaior

born: 17th August 1952 / Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

divorced, 7 sons

lives: Brasilia (Brazil)

Grand Prix Career: 1978 - 1991

Teams: Ensign (1978) , BS Fabrications (1978), Brabham (1978 - 1985), Williams (1986 - 1987, Lotus (1988 - 1989), Benetton (1990 - 1991)

Grand Prix driven: 204

Wins: 23

Total Points: 485

World Champion: 1981 (Brabham Ford), 1983 (Brabham BMW), 1987 (Williams Honda)


1978 in a Marlboro McLaren Ford M23 of the BS Fabrications team


1983 world champion for the second time in a parmalat Brabham BMW BT52


1989 in a Camel Lotus Judd 101



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