After Michael Schumacher and Ferrari had won both the drivers´and the constructors´worldchampionships in 2000, the Italian team had to take strong efforts to defend the so disired titles, on the drivers´side they had to wait for 21 years.

New technical regulations concerning the height of the front wing, the crash tests of the monocoque and the stabilty of the roll bar had been introduced for 2001. Also only 4 instead up to 10 elements were allowed for the rear wing. Ferrari´s answer to the new laws was the beautiful looking F2001. In contrast to most of it´s rival cars, the Ferrari has got a banana bent nose scone making it looking very different from the other ones of the year 2001.

From the beginning of the season the Ferrari both proved quick and reliable and it was no wonder, that the Italian press called it the Goddess of all racing cars very emotionally.

The logical consequence was the early win of both the drivers´and the constructors´worldchampionships very early at the Hungarian Grand Prix in August 2001 with still a quarter of the season left.


Model Designation: F2001 Year: 2001 Designer: Rory Byrne Chassis: Ferrari carbon fibre monocoque Engine: Ferrari 3.0 litre V10 Gearbox: Ferrari 7 speed automatic Drivers: Michael Schumacher/D, Rubens Barrichello/BR Sponsors: Marlboro (cigarettes), Shell (fuels and oils), FedEx (logistics), tictac (breath mints)




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