The highest nose of the complete 2002 Grand Prix field was that of the Arrows Cosworth A23. In contrast to most the other cars that year, the A23 also had got a diffusor in the front section for better grip on the front axle to reduce understeer, that is caused by the groved tyres used in Grand Prix Racing from 1998 on. The A23 was powered by the same Cosworth V10 unit, that were used by Jaguar Racing in their R3 chassis. Jaguar team principal Niki Lauda did not want to earn some money for their Cosworth engine shop in British Northampton by selling the engines to Arrows Grand Prix Ltd., he also wanted to have a competitive partner to compare the Jaguar chassis with. While the Jaguars were on French Michelin rubber, Arrows furthermore relied on Bridgestone from Japan. While most other teams had started great testing programmes after the end of the November & December 2001 test ban, the A23 remained in the Leafield headquarters because money was short. A very long time it had not been clear, who would become the number one driver of the team at the side of Brazil´s Enrique Bernoldi, who had got the support of the owner of Austrian energy drink company Red Bull. Very short before the beginning of the 2002 Grand Prix season Arrows boss Tom Walkinshaw nominated Heinz Harald Frentzen, who had lost his job by the bankruptcy of the French Prost team. That decision brought a lot of discussions into the continental European media, because the regular Arrows driver Jos Verstappen from The Netherlands had got a legally valid contract for the 2002 season. But the arguments of Tom Walkinshaw were, that Frentzen both was an extraordinary experienced, technically talented driver and a Grand Prix winner with three victories to his credit.


Model Designation: Arrows Cosworth A23 Year: 2002 Designer: Sergio Rinland Chassis: Arrows carbon fibre monocoque Engine: Cosworth V10 Gearbox: Arrows 6 speed semi-automatic Clutch: Arrows Wheels: BBS Tyres: Brigestone Brakes; AP Electronics: Pi Fuels & Oils: Total FINA elf Drivers: Heinz Harald Frentzen/D, Enrique Bernoldi/BR



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